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The nose is aesthetically important because it is located in the face’s midline and is the organ that attracts the most attention when looking at the face during communication.

Rhinoplasty (Nose aesthetic) Surgery is changing the appearance of the nose following the patient’s wishes and the physician’s face analysis.

Face Rejuvenation Techniques

Aging is a process that occurs in our body over time and shows itself mostly on our faces. We can see the signs of aging on the face such as, increase wrinkles, decrease the firmness of the skin, decrease the thickness of the subcutaneous support tissues, and decrease the vitality of the skin moistness. Many applications for facial rejuvenation have emerged in recent years, but the effective ones are still popular today. Facial rejuvenation is the procedure that makes our face and skin look younger, with minor interventions applied to the face and neck area other than facelift surgery. Botox applications, filling applications, skin Mesotherapy, facelift with rope, food laser lipolysis are among these.

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The shape and size of the nose can have a big impact on the way the face looks, and because of this, some patients can be self-conscious about their nose. Whether through genetics, or a childhood accident such as a broken nose, there are many different reasons why a person may not be happy with the way their nose looks which could lead to a dip in self-esteem and a drop in self-confidence. In this case, people can turn to a nose job in Turkey to help reduce or enlarge the size of their nose or shape it to look the way that they want to better complement their facial structure.

The shape and size of the nose have significant importance on the appearance and it increases the self-consciousness of a person. A broken nose, for example, caused by a childhood accident or by genetics, can prevent somebody to lose self-esteem and self-confidence. To look the way they want, everyone can apply to a rhinoplasty surgery to change the shape and size of their nose.

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Assoc. Dr. Mustafa ACAR

Otorhinolaryngology Specialist

Born in Fethiye in 1978, Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Acar; completed primary, secondary, and high school education in Fethiye, and continued his medical education at Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine between 1995-2001. After graduating in 2001, he worked as an assistant in Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology and completed his specialty education in 2006.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions from you.

    How does the process proceed after nose aesthetics?

    The patient remains in the hospital for one day after Rhinoplasty (Nasal Aesthetic) Surgery and can be discharged the next day. After the operation, swelling and bruising may occur on the face and around the eyes.


    To reduce these, the cold application is performed as soon as the operation ends. Even if the image is bad, the pain is not as much as predicted. In my surgeries, I put air-ducted silicone pads into the nose and take them out on the 2-3rd day. There is no pain in taking this tampon out. The sutures in the nose are taken on the 7th day after the surgery. Since the second day after the surgery, there is no problem for the patients to take a bath, but I recommend hairdresser-style hair washing to prevent the tape and splint outside the nose from getting wet.

    What is the permanence of the lip filling?

    The effectiveness period of temporary fillings is approximately 6 -18 months, depending on the quality of the filling used and the region made.

    What is the Matrix vaccine?

    Matrix vaccine is a patented special formulation of Hyaluronic Acid and Amino acids. Thanks to the formation of the new Extracellular Matrix (ECM), this vaccine supports the production of collagen and elastin on the face, providing a youthful and natural appearance.

    How long does the effect of Botox last?

    The Botox effect starts on Day 3, the full effect is seen on Day 10, and its effect continues to be seen for 3-6 months.

    How often is mesotherapy done?

    It is applied at intervals of 1-4 weeks in the beginning. After an average of 4-6 sessions, it can be repeated every 3-6 months.